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The Impact of WB-EMS on Knee Sensorimotor

Two weeks ago, the American College of Sport's Medicine held its Annual Meeting and World Congress. The USA team attended the event and was more than happy to join Nathan Schilaty, PhD who presented some interesting findings.

Schilaty, Assistant Professor for Neurosurgery and Brain Repair at USF (University of South Florida), examined the impact of whole body EMS on knee sensorimotor characteristics. 

His study found that whole body EMS is a useful tool to be incorporated with preventive and rehabilitative training, as it improved both strength and dynamic strength in the lower limbs. His key takeaways were:

► WB-EMS increases knee flexion and extension peak force
► WB-EMS improves the rate of force development with flexion
► WB-EMS sustains visual motor reaction time and time to peak force