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EMS-Training with miha bodytec is a safe, highly effective and time-efficient method for training for increasing muscle strength and muscle mass, whilst simultaneously reducing body-fat.

Suitable for nearly all age groups (generally no under 18's), an EMS training session takes 20 minutes and is always conducted with a qualified trainer who monitors the training and its success. Once a week is sufficient for reliably achieving individual goals, with its effectiveness proven in numerous scientific studies. 

Training should take place on an agreed date. Ideally once a week – for 20 minutes! This means that EMS-Training can be regularly scheduled and personally monitored by both sides. Week after week, this provides a significant training stimulus, which guarantees to help you reach your goal as efficiently as possible.

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Personal training is a key part of EMS-Training as each session is monitored closely by the trainer. Their job is to find a balance between the performance level the participant is working at and their objectives, ensuring motivation levels remain high throughout.  One of the trainer‘s main tasks is to ensure regular sessions take place, helping to build long term habits and holistic changes in behaviour, ultimately leading to clients following a more active lifestyle.



EMS is a well-researched technology that has been established for many decades. Sessions always take place in conjunction with a knowledgeable trainer which helps to ensure safe operation. Trainers are taught using structures which have been specifically designed to ensure safety is integrated into the programming from the very beginning. Guidelines for safe use have been developed by examining practical experiences and combining them with scientific research. These safety-first rules are now the gold standard for all professional EMS providers.



In February 2019, Part 5 of the DIN Standard 33961 came into play in Germany. It consists of regulations regarding the use of EMS studio equipment and for the operation of EMS facilities as well as the EMS-Training. The new regulations provide legal certainty when using the EMS equipment and protect the operators from liability.

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