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Are you a Physiotherapist, Biokineticist, Doctor, an Operator of a Healthcare Facility or are you Interested in Occupational Health Management?

Achieve individual training and therapy goals with a high degree of efficiency, minimal time requirement and with personal support. That's what recovery, rehabilitation and injury prevention is about when supported by miha bodytec Whole-Body Electro Muscle Stimulation Training.

Read the Scientific Studies regarding Whole-Body EMS-Training (WB-EMS) for Therapy

Proven Benefits of Medical WB-EMS-Training:

  • Activates all Major Muscle Groups at the Same Time, with Individual Settings for each Muscle Group (Default Standard Programs for Strength Training, Metabolism & Relaxation)
  • Target Specific Areas while still Including the Whole Muscular System
  • Meaningful Contraction Intensity with Minimum Impact
  • Re-education of Muscles
  • Relaxation of Muscle Spasms
  • Retarding or Preventing Disuse Muscle Atrophy
  • Static or Dynamic: Suitable for Functional Applications & Movements


Medical EMS-Training: Benefits for the Patient

  • Effective Strength Training
  • Gentle on Joints & Back
  • Time Efficient (20 minutes, x1 per week)
  • Decrease in Pain
  • Increase in Range of Movement
  • Can be Applied at Early Stage of Recovery
  • High Success Rate & Prompt Results
  • High Level of Client Motivation through Personal Support


Medical EMS-Training: Benefits for the Practice


  • Highly Effective Tool in the Therapist’s Tool-Box
  • Diversify Treatment Options: Range of Therapies related to EMS is Extremely Diverse
  • Set-up Requires Little Space (6 sqm)
  • Can be Used as Mobile Device



With the combination of Efficiency, Motivation and Safety the miha bodytec medical device can successfully be integrated into the healthcare market and will benefit your practice.


A training session lasts just 20 minutes and is always conducted with a qualified trainer who monitors the training and its success. Once a week is sufficient for reliably achieving individual goals.


The personal support by competent staff makes the EMS-Training a special kind of personal training. It leads to a “partnership” that turns the initial motivation into a permanent and holistic change in behaviour -ultimately leading clients towards an active and vital lifestyle.


A well-researched technology that has been established for many decades in medical rehabilitation, in conjunction with highly qualified trainers and / or therapists is the basis for the safe use of WB-EMS.