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When a career as a beauty therapist no longer satisfied Elizma Crous’s need for fulfilment and financial security, she decided to make the switch to personal training.


After obtaining qualifications through HFPA and Trifocus Fitness Academy, Elizma began working as a personal trainer in Alberton, in the south east of Johannesburg. “I started training clients at their homes, quickly building up a sustainable client base as I found that many people wanted to exercise, but didn’t feel comfortable in the gym environment.” She also started working at a boutique studio in Lynnwood.

However, Elizma’s husband got a job opportunity in Cape Town, which offered the couple greater financial stability. “While I had to start over, I believe that everything happens for a reason, because it was in the Cape where I discovered EMS training.” Elizma came across BODYTEC’s Tygervalley EMS studio, which uses miha bodytec equipment. “I tried it out and was immediately convinced about the results the technology could deliver.” She ended up working there for 9 months, but that too came to an end when Elizma and her husband moved back to Johannesburg. Armed with her experience and her belief in the technology, Elizma decided to start her own business. “That’s when Crown Fitness was born, but I still needed to buy the miha bodytec system.”

Having met Impulse Workout, the official local distributor of miha bodytec in South Africa while living in Cape Town, Elizma got in touch with the team to investigate her options. “They suggested I contact First Asset Finance, a specialist finance provider for assets from reputable suppliers across various industries. They offered me a more favourable interest rate compared to the banks. They also financed the device over a longer term of three years. This has ensured my monthly costs are manageable and that I’ve started to turn a profit almost immediately.”

Elizma now trains clients using EMS at their home or place of business. “Within three months I built up a client base of 40, seeing them once a week, which is more than enough to generate sustainable revenue stream.” Elizma did this by offering trial sessions. “It’s difficult to explain the EMS concept to someone, but once they try it, it becomes a much easier sell. There are those who don’t like the sensation, but they’re in the minority. Clients also love that they see results with just one 20-minute session a week, not to mention the fact that they don’t have to step inside a gym. This saves them time and money.” Elizma now schedules 10 clients a day – 5 morning and 5 afternoon sessions. She also has a broad range of clients, including competitive mountain bikers, doctors, professionals, and housewives.

“I’ve also had amazing results working with older populations. As long as they don’t have a pacemaker and in the absence of other contraindicators, the impact that EMS has had on their lives is truly astonishing”.

While the travelling takes up a significant portion of her time, she’s still able to give all her clients personalised attention before and after the 20-minute session. This is where Elizma believes she adds additional value. While the technology is potent and hugely effective, clients still need to make the correct food choices and remain active between sessions to get the full benefit. I therefore chat to them about how to eat to achieve their goals, and ensure they get at least 2-3 extra cardio sessions in a week. I always suggest running as it’s the most effective, but for those who can’t run or don’t enjoy it, I suggest swimming, walking or cycling.”

She also focuses on the mental and emotional aspects of the process. “I feel that too many fitness professionals focus exclusively on the training aspect, with few paying attention to the personal side, which should address a client’s mental state and emotions. I’m therefore always available to engage with my clients, be it over email, WhatsApp or on the phone to help them progress in any way I can.”

Based on the success of her business, Elizma’s intention is to now pay her miha bodytec system off quicker and then purchase a second machine to offer double sessions. “I’m also expanding my services into my home province of Limpopo as there’s huge demand for EMS training there. I already have 25 clients in that region, with queries coming in almost daily.”

Elizma is eternally grateful for the opportunities that EMS has created for her.

“I’ve achieved such amazing results with my clients and it’s an extremely rewarding and fulfilling career. And with the business model that EMS technology enables, I’m also in a much better financial position. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made”.