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i-body cable
i-body cable
i-body cable
i-body cable

i-body cable

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The connection between i-body belt/ i-body strap and i-body vest

i-body cables

Connecting the electrode to the vest through the magnetic coupler of the vest and the push button of the electrode.

To operate the i-body electrode system you require x1 set of i-body cables (= x2 for arms, x2 for legs and x2 for the buttocks).

Available in 3 sizes:

  • Size 1: Buttocks (short cable)
  • Size 2: Arms (medium cable)
  • Size 3: Legs (long cable)

Each cable is sold individually.

TIP: Leave the cable hanging over the handle between training sessions.

This product is designed for use with miha bodytec devices only. Any other use could be risky and may cause injuries. Before using, consult the instruction manual.

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