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Electrical Muscle stimulation TRAINING is ideal for everyone:

  1. Various Fitness Levels:

People with various fitness levels are able to do EMS training. You can train people that are overweight with minimal to no fitness level all the way to your high performing athletes.

  1. Clients With Limited Time:

Not only is EMS Training time efficient but it is incredibly effective. Clients only need to train once a week for 20 minutes to experience the benefits. This makes EMS training ideal for working people, mothers and anyone with limited time.

  1. People Who Don’t Like Gyms:

A lot of people who would like to work out are intimidated by gyms and reluctant to train there. People feel uncomfortable and they are not sure how to operate the equipment. Also, people unfamiliar with the equipment can cause themselves very severe injuries.

EMS Training is all about Personal Training. Clients will be supervised and guided throughout their sessions by you the personal trainer thereby reducing the risk of injury. Location? Literally anywhere, you only need a few square-meters of space.

  1. Seniors:

With regards to seniors, their muscle mass gradually decreases as many seniors are no longer exercising regularly, a syndrome called sarcopenia. A scientific study done at the University of Erlangen/Germany found that not only will EMS supported strength training prevent further reduction but that it will also help to increase muscle mass.

  1. Athletes:

Athletes of different levels, amateurs and pros alike, often supplement their usual training schedule with a quick 20minutes EMS session weekly. Scientific studies have proven that including EMS training to a training schedule increases strength, speed and endurance. A goal that all athletes strive to achieve!  

  1. Runners & Endurance Athletes:

Runners and endurance athletes also experienced increasing levels of endurance once they started EMS training. Further scientific studies discovered the following:

  • 71% improved their endurance performance
  • 84% experienced an overall increase in their performance.