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10 Important Aspects to take into account when choosing an EMS system:

  1. Has the manufacturer more than 12 years of experience in the EMS market?
  1. Does the EMS system carry the “MADE IN GERMANY” seal of quality?
  1. Does the manufacturer offer a comprehensive 48 months warranty and have a proven

track record of customer service, including customer support and fast delivery?

  1. Does the EMS system comply with all the requirements of DIN33961-5 for EMS training?
  • A holding device for the user.
  • Continuous or progressive adjustment of the impulse intensity.
  • Each user has unambiguously assigned separate operating elements with the ability to adjust without switching menus.
  • Electrodes and training clothes contain antimicrobial coating.
  • The device is manufactured to the requirements of DIN EN 6-601-2-10, the industry standard for medical electrical system.
  1. Does the manufacturer use STATE-OF-THE-ART control technology?
  1. Do all the training institutes use the EMS system as their device standard?
  1. Do all the globally relevant studio concepts (i.e. EMS studio franchise/licence systems) use this EMS system as their standard equipment?
  1. Has the EMS system proven safe for permanent commercial operation?
  1. Is the work of the manufacturer backed by current scientific studies and does the manufacturer commission regular surveys on the use of EMS for therapeutic and training purposes?
  1. Does the manufacturer comply with the strict regulations laid out in DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 for the manufacturing of medical devices along with a certification?


If the answer to all these questions is “YES” then your choice must be a miha bodytec EMS device.