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Today we’d like to highlight one of the stand-out benefits of using EMS-Training. Whole Body EMS produces similar results to HIT, in only a fraction of the time.

Without a doubt, both HIT and WB-EMS are very good approaches to generate favourable changes in body composition and strength. But can you really get the same results as a regular HIT session with WB-EMS? The answer is YES! You can even expect similar results in only half the time. We have the science to back it up:
A study* focused on HIT training vs. EMS. It observed comparable increases of muscle parameters after 16 weeks of WB-EMS compared to the reference HIT method. 

Among others, it found the following benefits:

  • Time efficiency of WB-EMS compared to HIT
  • Less injury risk for WB-EMS compared to HIT - Low impact, bodyweight training compared to high impact, weighted exercise.
  • WB-EMS is more accessible and appeals to a wider variety of people compared to HIT.
The study concludes that WB-EMS can be considered as an attractive, time-efficient, and effective option over HIT-resistance exercise for people seeking to improve general strength and body composition. 
*Kemmler, W et Al (2016)